Web sites and Phone Numbers for Parents

Best Beginnings: www.bestbeginnings.us Linda N. Stuhlman 669-7246

Bereavement Counseling for Children: www.covect.org 203-634-0500

Hygeia Foundation for Perinatal Loss and Bereavementwww.hygeia.org 1-800-893-9198, Dr. Michael Berman

Birth to Three: Intervention Services for Children who are under 3 years old www.birth23.org 1-800-505-7000

Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-842-2288

Child Care Info Line: in English and Spanish, information on early education and care centers and lots of other resources www.211childcareinfo.org or dial 211

Child Care Cost Subsidies: www.care4kids.com 1-888-214-5437

Clinton Land Trust: www.clintonlandtrust.org

Clinton Public Schools: https://sites.google.com/a/clintonpublic.net/district/home

Clinton, Town Agencies and History: connections to other sites such as Social Services www.clintonct.org

Clinton Youth and Family Services: http://clintonyouthandfamily.org/ Parenting Groups and Counseling 669-1103

Community Health Center:Provider of prenatal and pediatric health services including counseling and help with Husky insurance 664-0787 (also adult care, located at 144 E. Main Street in Clinton)

Connecticut Parent Information and Resource Center: www.ctpirc.org Information and resources about children’s education based on federal, state, and local services, supporting achievement for all 1-800-842-8678

Dental Health: www.mobiledental.org 860-347-6971 x3207

Families Helping Families: Food and Heat Resources 669-5592

Food Pantry and Meals: www.shorelinesoupkitchens.org 860-388-1988

ERACE, Adult Education for Clinton: www.erace-adulted.org 203-488-5693

Head Start: National Association, Preschool Education system for low income families: www.nhsa.org 669-9497

Health Agency, Town of Clinton: Public health education and preparedness www.crahd.org 860-661-3300

Health Insurance: www.huskyhealth.com

Help Me Grow: In English and Spanish, a method of keeping up with your child’s growth and development www.ct.gov/ctf 1-800-505-7000

Hiking Trails and Outside Activities: www.clintonlandtrust.org

Library, Henry Carter Hull: Location of Best Beginnings parent workshops and many children’s activities, location of Best Beginnings resource materials www.hchlibrary.org 669-2342

National Association for the Education of Young Children: Information on quality early education and care www.naeyc.org

Parent Advocacy Center: For Parents of Special Needs Children www.cpacinc.org

Pediatric Practices in Clinton: Branford Pediatric and Allergy 664-1818Shoreline Pediatrics 669-7272, American Academy of Pediatrics www.aap.org

Poison Help: 1-800-222-1222

Safety with Children: www.ctsafekids.org for information on car seats, etc.

Sexual Abuse Information: www.darkness2light.org or Paul and Lisa Foundation, 860-767-7660

State Department of Child and Family: Child Development, Health and Safety, Education, Basic Needs, Family Fun www.ctparenting.com

State Department of Education:www.ct.gov/sde click on Parents

State Department of Health: Information on licensed early education and care centers, health information, including immunizations, lead and TB testing, health forms: www.ct.gov/dph click on Children and Families

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