Guiding Young Children Through Grief – Tues Mar 12 (snow 3/19)

  • Professional Workshop – 6pm, Board of Ed Room, Joel 137B Glenwood Rd, Clinton
  • A death in a family can send a child into a tailspin of confusion. How a child processes their grief is largely dependent on both their family and their social environments. For many children, the majority of their day is spent in a childcare setting. But for a majority of professionals in these settings, training on bereavement issues has been woefully lacking and school personnel often underestimate the number of bereavement situations they will encounter. Therefore, when actually confronted with a grieving child we sometimes find ourselves at a loss for what to do and fear making a mistake. This talk will hopefully provide some insight into what can be done to help a child through the grieving process…what do symptoms look like, what language is best to use, how to talk about holidays, and communicating with parents.
  • Presented by Linda Brogan from The Cove.  Linda is a master’s degreed Licensed Professional Counselor in CT retired from the State of CT who volunteers her time for The Cove, which provides grief services for Connecticut children and their families.
  • Free workshop for people who work with children 0 through 6 years.  Parents, Grandparents, and those caring for young children also welcome

  • Although you do not need to register to attend, it is most helpful if you do.  Register on-line or call Linda N. Stuhlman at 860-669-7246

  • 6:00 to 6:20 Registration and Light Supper.  Program starts at 6:20.

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