How and When to Get Help for Children

Ages and stages information on typical development in children:

How do parents know when children have problems that need attention from a specialist?

  • Family discord, child is causing issues among family members
  • Reports from child care and/or school show issues
  • Behavior happens across settings, home, school, with peers
  • Behavior is atypical for age of the child
  • Behavior continues for a long time and occurs frequently

What are problem behaviors?  Behavior that is dangerous, disgusting, or disruptive or an action that

  • could cause injury to self or others; lack of self control
  • could damage the environment; physical and emotional outbursts
  • interferes with learning new skills; undue anxiety
  • socially isolates the child; causes difficulty socializing and being part of a group; shows the child is living in a fantasy world

Where can parents get help?

  • Autism Society of CT:  888-453-4975
  • Birth to Three:  1-800-505-7000
  • Child and Family Agency:  Essex: 1-860-767-0147
  • Child First for Middlesex County 1-860-358-4069
  • Clinton Public Schools preschool screening, by appointment: 860-664-6505
  • Connecticut Family Support Network 203-430-0242

  • CHDI Kids Mental Health Info When and Where to Get Help
  • Early Childhood Consultation Project 1-203-235-2815 Ext. 3311

  • Help Me Grow: 1-800-358-4069
  • Kidsteps: 203-458-4040
  • Middlesex Hospital Family Advocacy Program counseling services 860-358-3401

  • Pediatricians could review health history and do referrals to public agencies and private therapists

  • Sensation Station: OT PT Speech Sensory Issues Guilford 917-279-0906

  • Therapy Works: OT PT Speech Nutrition Sensory Issues 860-434-5524

  • United Way of Ct. portal to resources on children

  • Yale Study Center at Madison 203-245-5070

More information or more suggestions for resources and referrals is available by calling Linda N. Stuhlman, 669-7246.