Connecticut State Department of Education Benchmarks 2 ½ to 6 year old children

Personal and Social Benchmarks

  1. Shows self-direction with range of materials
  2. Sustains attention to task
  3. Participates in teacher-led group activities
  4. Manages transitions, follows routines and rules
  5. Uses words to express emotions and feelings
  6. Shows empathy and caring for others
  7. Interacts cooperatively with peers
  8. Works to resolve conflicts
  9. Recognizes similarities and appreciates differences

Physical Benchmarks

  1. Uses coordinated large-muscle movements
  2. Uses coordinated small-muscle movements
  3. Cares for self independently

Cognitive Benchmarks

  1. Engages in scientific inquiry
  2. Uses a variety of strategies to solve problems
  3. Sorts objects
  4. Recognizes and makes patterns
  5. Compares and orders objects and events
  6. Relates number to quantity
  7. Demonstrates spatial awareness
  8. Uses complex sentences and vocabulary to describe ideas and experiences (use language sample to document)
  9. Understands and participates in conversations
  10. Shows understanding of stories
  11. Displays knowledge of books and print
  12. Recognizes similar sounds in speech
  13. Identifies printed words
  14. Uses writing to convey meaning

Creative Expression Benchmarks

  1. Builds and constructs to represent own ideas
  2. Draws and paints to represent own ideas
  3. Represents experiences and fantasies in pretend play
  4. Sings and responds to music

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