Challenging Behavior in Preschool Children

Challenging Behavior in Preschool Children can be reduced by:

  1. Being affectionate and accepting; let your children know that you love them even though you may not like their misbehavior.
  2. Having rules about safety; children behave better when they know that you will keep them safe.
  3. Making sure that children go to bed about the same time every night and that they get at least 12 hours of sleep.
  4. Making sure that children eat right:
    • Juice: no more than 6 oz. per day.
    • Fruits: 2 or 3 per day (1 cup)
    • Vegetables: 2 or 3 per day (1 cup)
    • Milk or milk products: 2 to 3 cups per day
    • Meat, poultry, fish: 4 oz. per day
    • Bread, cereal, pasta: 6 servings per day
  1. Having your children play outside every day.
  2. Limiting TV, computer (including games) to 1 hour maximum per day. Play board games instead!
  3. Letting your children know when they act appropriately by using expressions like “you did it!” “I noticed that you picked up your toys.” Try to be more specific than “good job”.
  4. When these things do not reduce the amount of challenging behavior, seek help through Best Beginnings by contacting Linda N. Stuhlman, 669-7246 or the Clinton Special Education preschool team at 664-6505. Workshops, support groups, and referrals are available.

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